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It is implemented on 3 pillars


To better prioritize what creates sustainable value and renounce what does not meet these conditions. All markets have a contribution to make, but Spain, Brazil, and the United States are, together with the Reinsurance Unit, considered strategic for the Group. This growth entails actions to boost efficiency in relation to clients, channels, and insurance products; a commitment to improve profitability and catastrophe claims on the Reinsurance side; and further growth in new clients for Global Risks.


Using increased automation and launch of self-service platforms and channels for clients, and improvements in management and operational efficiency that will translate into lower costs for the company.


This is a transversal pillar driving improvement that affects both the business, through new advances in digitalization, and the organization itself to better adapt to the new social realities, the introduction of sustainability in daily management and consolidation of our cultural strategy of full effective equality and inclusion.

The company maintains our vision, namely being your trusted insurer, and the values that define us:

Guaranteeing Solvency, promoting Innovation,

giving the best Service, acting with Integrity with a multicultural and diverse Team.

But we have evolved our former mission into a corporate purpose, the company’s raison d’être, in effect, what moves us day after day

Our purpose is:

To be by your side every step of the way, accompanying you to move forward with peace of mind, contributing to the development of a more sustainable and supportive society.

This purpose is embodied in a claim that will accompany the brand in all its uses and across all channels: We care about what matters to you.