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Compassion. Initiative. Optimism. Dynamism. Commitment. Professionalism. Teamwork. Oneness.

MAPFRE Insurance employees exude the 8 MAPFRE attitudes and exemplify the qualities expected of us.

These qualities make us MAPFRE by HEART – Having Each Attitude Reflect Through – beginning with each individual. Each of us is compassionate and shows concern; relating to our clients and colleagues, understanding their needs, and helping them resolve the problems at hand. In turn, we gain initiative and become proactive – anticipating needs and suggesting innovative ideas along the way. All the while, we are optimistic; with a positive outlook even in the face of challenges and remaining focused that our work can be met with favourable results.

As each individual grows outside of himself, working and dealing with others can easily be achieved. We are quick to respond to problems, thus becoming a step ahead of other competitors. Our dynamism becomes our advantage. We are also committed and driven to fulfilling obligations to clients, colleagues and to the Company as well. We epitomize professionalism as we responsibly handle and safeguard information, and build trust by acting with transparency and sincerity.

As we work together, all actions contribute to the growth of the Company. Oneness is achieved through the effort of everyone and this makes it easier for us to foster teamwork. We work as a team with the firm belief that everyone’s value is important, and everyone is of value to MAPFRE.

Knowing MAPFRE by HEART is knowing who you ought to be.