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We are by your side every step of the way, accompanying you to move forward with peace of mind, contributing to the development of a more sustainable and supportive society

And do you know why?

Because for us, trust is the foundation of our relationship with our customers and other stakeholders. At MAPFRE, we want to give people confidence so that they have the security, strength, and ability to meet their goals and objectives. We’ll be by their side, providing the necessary peace of mind that no unforeseen event can stop us. We put all our knowledge, experience, innovation, and capacity to the service of our customers, so that they can move forward and enjoy every stage of life to the fullest.

Moreover, our way of doing things is different. Our values and commitment are expressed through our permanent concern for the development of the communities where we operate, as the ultimate meaning of our company is to generate shared value with society. In short, to carry out our activity based on our commitment to our environment and to people, with a long-term vision, working for the improvement of society as a whole. We cannot understand our business activity without working at the same time for a more sustainable and caring world.

Always guided by our vision and values:

MAPFRE, your trusted insurance company.

Our vision defines where we want to go and what we want to be for you.

Guaranteeing Solvency, promoting Innovation, giving the best Service, acting with Integrity with a multicultural diverse Team.

Our values guide our actions and are the pillars on which our company’s identity is based