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Find the right insurance solution for your business. We have business establishment insurance that protects your business assets. We also offer FREE additional benefits such as personal accident, general liability, and money insurance coverages.

Business Establishment Insurance with FREE Benefits

Business establishment insurance best for entrepreneurs and tenants who want to secure their businesses against loss or damage. Establishments covered under this package include offices, clinics, restaurants, retail stores, and beauty salons. This comprehensive insurance provides protection for business assets including the building and improvements and its contents such as equipment, furniture, fixtures, fittings and other stocks and comes with FREE benefits such as Fire Fighting Expense, Removal of Debris among others. (Please see Comparative Table of Coverage and Benefits for complete details.)

The perils covered by our Business Establishment Insurance are:

  • Fire and Lightning
  • Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage
  • Explosion, Smoke, Falling Debis and Vehicle Impact
  • Earthquake
  • Flood*
  • Typhoon
  • Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks and Pipes
  • Broad Water Damage
  • Sprinkler Leakage

*Note: For listed areas only. Available upon inquiry.

Business Establishment Insurance with MORE Additional Benefits for FREE

Business establishment insurance with the coverage and benefits provided in the Business Establishment Insurance PLUS MORE additional benefits provided for FREE.

Comparative Table of Coverage and Benefits

See the comparative table and choose the package that best suits your business and its needs.
Business Establishment Insurance
Business Establishment Insurance wtih Additional Benefits
Plate Glass Cover - pays for damages to plate glass
up to Php 5,000
up to Php 5,000
Automatic Increase - covers increase in value due to new and additional acquisition of property
10%, 60 days
10%, 60 days
Fire Fighting & Extinguishing Expense - fire fighting expenses to prevent or minimize the extent of any destruction of or damage to the insured property including cost of material.
up to 5% of sum insured with a maximum amount of Php 100,000
up to 5% of sum insured with a maximum amount of Php 100,000
Professional Fees - surveyor's, architect's, legal & consulting engineer's fees for reinstatement or damage to the insured property/ies
up to 5% of sum insured with a maximum amount of Php 100,000
up to 5% of sum insured with a maximum amount of Php 100,000
Removal of Debris - cost of removal of debris of the property following damage or destruction by fire or by other insured perils.
up to 5% of sum insured with a maximum amount of Php 100,000
up to 5% of sum insured with a maximum amount of Php 100,000
Php 10,000
Temporary Removal - protection of property insured whilst temporarily removed from the premises for the purpose of cleaning, renovating, repair or other similar purposes
up to Php 100,000
up to Php 100,000
does not apply
10% of the contents with a maximum amount of Php 500,000
Money Insurance - covers loss of money kept within the business premises including money in transit from the premises to the bank and vice versa
does not apply
Php 50,000/occ and Agg (Ded. Php 5,000 each and every loss)
Group Personal Accident - cover may be extended to employees in case of
Accidental Death and Disablement
Medical Reimbursement
Burial Expense
does not apply
(Maximum of 10 regular named employess) Php 50,000, Php 5,000, Php 5,000, Aggregate of Php 500,000(Maximum of 10 regular named employess) Php 50,000, Php 5,000, Php 5,000, Aggregate of Php 500,000
Comprehensive General Liability (Premises Operations Only)- Provides cover for liability to third parties who may suffer injury or property damage within the premises. It also provides cover for:
Fire and Explosion Liability
Tenants Legal Liability
Premises Medical Payments
Food and Drinks Poisoning (for restaurants only)
does not apply
5% of Property Damage SI max of Php 1M whichever is lower (Ded. 10% of the loss, min Php 5,000 for Third Party Property Damage) Php 100,000, Php 5,000 per person, Php 100,000 Agg
Electronic Equipment Insurance
does not apply
Php 250,000 Aggregate (Ded. 10% of actual value or Php 5,000 whichever is higher)

Discover why MAPFRE Business Establishment Insurance is the preferred option of entrepreneurs.

Apart from all the benefits provided by our Business Establishment Insurance Silver and Gold, both packages have a SPECIAL FEATURE, the Total Loss Allowance. This allowance benefit is paid 7 days after extablishment of liability after a total loss to help you rebuild your business. This benefit is given ON TOP OF the proceeds you will get from the coverage provided in the package.

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Disclaimer: This website contains only a general description of coverage and is not a statement of contract. Coverage is subject to the exclusions and conditions of the actual policy. Policy applications are subject to the approval of MAPFRE Insurance.