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Objectives and Activities

FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE is an institution sponsored by the Spanish insurance group MAPFRE. The foundation's aim is to contribute to achieving objectives of general interest to society. It was established on 5 November 1975 and was officially recognised as a Private Cultural Foundation by Order of the Ministry of Education and Science on 4 May 1976.

In January 2006 four other MAPFRE sponsored foundations merged with FUNDACION MAPFRE: FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE MEDICINA, FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE ESTUDIOS, FUNDACIÓN CULTURAL MAPFRE VIDA and FUNDACIÓN DE ESTUDIOS HISTÓRICOS MAPFRE TAVERA. These foundations had previously carried out a range of activities in a number of professional and cultural spheres independently.

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FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE's objectives are:

  • To promote the Safety of people and their assets, focusing particularly on Road Safety, Medicine and Health.
  • To enhance the Quality of Life and of the Environment.
  • To further the dissemination of Culture, the Arts and Literature.
  • To promote training and research in the field of Insurance.
  • To foster research and dissemination of knowledge relating to the common History of Spain, Portugal and countries with whom they share historic ties.
  • To contribute to improving the economic, social and cultural conditions of the more disadvantaged people and sectors within Society.

You can find more information on FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE at the link below.

FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE in The Philippines

FUNDACION MAPFRE engages in several projects in the Philippines.

Road SafetyRoad Safety Education Program

Road Safety Education Program
A joint program with the Department of Education that aims to:

  • Provide children with the knowledge and skills to be safer road users now and in the future.
  • Shape the attitude and behavior of children so they can become responsible pedestrians, passengers, cyclists and future drivers.

Over 600,000 school children from 2,000 public schools nationwide are beneficiaries of this program.

Social Welfare Programs

ANNAK Sta Cruz Social Sports SchoolANAKK Sta Cruz Social Sports School
FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE in cooperation with FUNDACIÓN REAL MADRID, that aims to provide basic healthcare and better education for the “out of school” youth alongside football training, an important source of motivation and values formation.

Eugenia Ravasco Day Care Center eugenia-ravasco-day-care-center.jpg
A day care center run by The Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary that provides medical, nutrition and education programs for the less-fortunate children from the local community. With the help of FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE, the day care center is able to provide for the needs of the children as well as extend the activities to the families through family planning programs, health and hygiene awareness programs, and the like.


Arts and Culture

Suite Vollard
In 2011, FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE sponsored the exhibit of Suite Vollard, a collection of works of the well-known artist Pablo Picasso. The exhibit was held in the Metropolitan Museum of Manila and was open to public viewing.

Calamity AssistanceCalamity Assistance
FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE has been consistent in providing assistance to affected areas and local communities of the various typhoons and other calamities that have hit the Philippines.

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