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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have inquiries? We prepared some frequently asked questions that may serve as quick answers to your current queries. Should you have questions that are not in the list below feel free to get in touch with us.

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Accident Insurance Coverage

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Yes. An insured may avail of more than one personal accident insurance provided that the limit of his coverage does not exceed the maximum benefit allowed based on the percentage of his Gross Annual Income.

Pre-existing illness is defined as any illness or medical condition already affecting the insured, whether known or unknown to the insured, before the effectivity date of his/her coverage. No. The company does not cover losses attributable to pre-existing illness.


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Hospital Cash Protection Plan

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No. The insured must be confined as a resident patient for atleast 24 hours in a licensed hospital or clinic registered with the Bureau of Medical Services in order to be entitled to the daily cash benefits.

The applicable cash benefits will be paid upon the covered person’s discharge from the hospital. However, advance payment may be requested for confinement exceeding 14 days.

MAPFRE Insular pays all the cash payables directly to the insured and not to the hospital. This allows the insured to use the money in any way he wants – for medicines, laboratory fees, etc.

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