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OFW Insurance

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Feel secure while working abroad. We have an insurance solution that provides protection for overseas migrant workers from unjust and immediate termination or dismissal by employers abroad.

Insurance Agency-Hired Migrant Workers

Compulsory Insurance Coverage for Agency-Hired Migrant Workers

This insurance product provides comprehensive coverage to overseas Filipino workers as required under the Compulsory Insurance for Agency Hired Migrant Workers as approved under Section 23 of R.A. 10022.

This comprehensive package includes protection for OFWs in the form of several benefits as:

  • Repatriation - Cost of the worker when his/her employment is terminated by the employer without any valid cause, or by the employee with just cause, including transport of his/her personal belongings. In case of death, the insurance provider shall arrange and pay for the repatriation of the worker’s remains and belongings.

  • Subsistence Allowance - Monetary assistance given to the migrant worker who is involved in a case or litigation for the protection of his or her rights in the receiving country.

  • Legitimate Money Claims Insurance - Money claims arising from the employer's liability which may be awarded of given to the worker in a judgement or settlement of his/her case in the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC).

  • Compassionate Visit - In case a worker is confined for more than seven (7) days, he or she shall be entitled to a compassionate visit of one (1) family member or requested individual. This benefit covers the transportation cost of the visit.

  • Medical Evacuation Insurance - In case an adequate medical facility is not available, proximate to the migrant worker, as determined by the insurance company's physician and the consulting physician, evacuation with the proper medical supervision by the mode of transport will be provided by this benefit.

  • Medical Repatriation Insurance - In case that a migrant worker, as determined by the insurance company's physician and consulting physician, needs to be transported to his or her country of origin under medical supervision to the worker's residence, monetary asisstance shall we provided by this benefit to cover the cost of repatriation.

​This package also comes with the following life benefit coverages:

  • Accidental Death Benefit - At least Fifteen Thousand United States Dollars (US$15,000.00) benefit is payable to the migrant worker’s beneficiaries.

  • Natural Death - At least Ten Thousand United States Dollars (US$10,000.00) benefit is payable to the migrant worker’s beneficiaries.

  • Permanent Total Disablement - At least Seven Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars (US$7,500.00) disability benefit is payable to the disabled migrant worker. The following disabilities shall be deemed permanent: total complete loss of sight of both eyes; loss of two limbs at or above the ankles or wrists; permanent complete paralysis of two limbs; brain injury resulting to incurable imbecility or insanity.

All these disabilities must be due to accident or by any health-related cause or sickness or ailment suffered during the duration of the migrant worker’s employment.

Service in the armed forces in any country or international authority, whether in peace or war, shall serve as the only exclusion to the limits of liability.

In case of emergency abroad, the OFW may call our International Insurance Provider thru the MAPFRE Insurance Assistance Center Service Hotline – (632) 8459-4727 anytime from anywhere in the world for assistance.

For more information about the products, call our Client Service hotline (02) 8876 - 4400 or email us at

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Disclaimer: This website contains only a general description of coverage and is not a statement of contract. Coverage is subject to the exclusions and conditions of the actual policy. Policy applications are subject to the approval of MAPFRE Insurance.
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